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A series of activities for Shandong Yinfeng to create and build a learning team (20)-Observe and make appointments, accumulate and develop thinly

Author:Zhongxi LiSource:Shandong Yinfeng Wechat Public NumberVisit:Time:2021-9-29 9:49:00

In September of Golden Autumn, I am grateful for the beauty that I have experienced. The reason why life is dazzling is that suffering and glory will appear at the same time. It is these that have made us who we are today. Faded the splendor of summer flowers and appreciate the mature exquisiteness. With tolerance and cherishment, I will meet a better self in September.

On September 29, the new training and exchange activities for creating and building a learning team were held as scheduled. The main topics of this training sharing include: "The Ordinary World", Manager of International Marketing Department, "Ordinary World", Manager Zhou Jiayi of Marketing Service Center "Ma Long-Six Edge Warrior, "Pearl", Manager Zhang Haiyan of International Marketing Department, "Business Etiquette", Manager Wang Jiao of Marketing Service Center.

"Only this piece is dedicated to that land and years, and all ordinary people with dreams." This is a film review of the course "Ordinary World" shared by Manager Wang Chaoda of the International Marketing Department. Manager Wang Chaoda talked about the personal experience of the writer Lu Yao and the emotional experience of the protagonists Sun Shaoan and Sun Shaoping. It writes about the struggles and pursuits of ordinary people in the wave of changes of the times, and also inspires our new generation of young people to go for their dreams. The wonderful speech of Manager Wang Chaoda was highly praised and recognized by the company's general manager Liu Hongxin and colleagues. The temperament of the literary youth expressed in the speech became the new label of Manager Wang Chaoda.

The sharing course "Ma Long-Hexagon Warrior" brought by Manager Zhou Jiayi of the Marketing Service Center described Ma Long’s career as a famous player in the table tennis world, and also shared with us the glorious history of Chinese table tennis. From "Wang Yima" to the current "Three Musketeers" in the table tennis world, Chinese table tennis has always been among the best in the international sports arena, and it is inseparable from the hard work and hard work of Chinese athletes. In conjunction with the passionate speech of Manager Zhou Jiayi, this series of activities to create and build a learning team was pushed to a climax.

The course "Pearls" brought by Manager Zhang Haiyan of the International Marketing Department introduced the pearls that have been given value by time. Through the brand origin and history of different pearl jewelry, the historical value of the pearls of different brands' origins has been continuously improved. Manager Zhang Haiyan expanded the introduction of some pearl brands and gave a detailed introduction to the design concepts and expressions of different brands of pearl jewelry. Manager Zhang Haiyan’s PPT was well prepared, and his speech was confident and generous, which was well received by colleagues.

China is a country of etiquette. As an excellent marketing manager, business etiquette is the basic quality that marketing managers must possess in dealing with people and business negotiations. The "Business Etiquette" brought by Manager Wang Jiao of the Marketing Service Center is exactly the right topic. Brought a training on business etiquette to the marketing managers of Yinfeng. The content of the course PPT is informative and informative. By introducing the details that professionals should pay attention to when dressing, dealing with others, and answering the phone, it makes up for the content that we neglected in the business negotiation.

Observe and make appointments, accumulate thick and thin hair. Shandong Yinfeng’s series of activities for creating and building a learning team through the sharing of different high-quality courses by Yinfeng’s outstanding business managers, continuously and extensively explore high-quality content, increase knowledge reserves, so that our team’s horizons can be broadened and our capabilities have been improved for the second time. Only with a wealth of knowledge reserves can we be able to negotiate and communicate with ease.


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