Hello,Welcome to Shandong Yinfeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.!

Corporate Culture

Talent Concept: Build employee development platform, achieve employee value

Management Concept: Regard integrity as the baseline, win-win as the core

Brand Concept: Gain the trust by high quality, enhance the value by good brand

Quality concept:Yinfeng only produces choline chloride whcih  accords EU access standards

Marketing concept: do our best to help customers purchase

Development concept: low cost expansion, high efficiency operation

Service concept: Care is service, service is care

security concept: Enterprise needs security, family needs security more

Core values: respecting the nature and loving others, altruism and self-interest


Contact:Head Office | International sales Hangzhou Branch


Tel:00 86533-2340907 / 00 86 571-88398112

Email:sales@yinfengbio.cn | vega@vegapharma.com

Add: Zibo city economic development zone, Beijing road building HuiMei field

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